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Best Skincare Regime for Aging Skin

Aging has been one of the surest events of the world. Every person is certain to age with time. No one can tend to gain control over those constant tik-toks of life, but one can always choose not to let their age show on their faces. Our goal should never be to age and stay as we are but rather to age well while radiating through the lines in every decade we sit-in.

To achieve flawless skin and feel younger, it is vital to look at the skin holistically and consider our diet, lifestyle, and conservative skincare treatments. As rightly stated by Dr. Howard Murad, "Aging is a fact of life, looking your age isn't."

It is important to look after our skin while we have time in hand, for preventing further aging then becomes easy. It is never too late for improving your skin but the sooner you begin, the less time it would take to get your facial radiance back. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind while devising the best skincare regime for your aging skin.


Exfoliating is one of the most significant ways to clear out all the toxins from a specified area and remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating also benefits stimulating fibroblast. This results in improving the elasticity of the skin and contributes to delayed aging.

When done regularly, exfoliating can also prevent frequent breakouts in your skin and result in a rise in collagen production, leading to a vibrant and glowing skin.

Inculcating Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential element when it comes to our skin and its wellbeing. Not only does it boost our disease-fighting immunity, but it also plays a vital role in clearing out acne while smoothing out skin textures. Adding to the facial radiance, vitamin A holds the responsibility of effective and fast healing.

How does this affect cellular turnover?

Preformed Vitamin A contains retinoids, which convert themselves into retinol in the human body. Our skin, being retinoid responsive, easily absorbs the vitamin when applied over it.

The absorbed component penetrates through the skin layers and catalyzes new skin cell generation. Our skin can regenerate faster through vitamin A, which aids in clearing out possible acnes and pigmentations. This is how minor amounts of the vitamin can assist in cellular turnover.


Antioxidants are believed to make our skin repair itself smoothly. By lessening inflammation, antioxidants also abet in collagen production, which adds to the facial glow. These form a must-have element in our skincare regime that we cannot afford to miss out on. Some of the significant roles played by antioxidants are:

  • Lightens the skin tone By reducing Melanin's production, responsible for skin pigmentations, antioxidants tend to lighten the skin texture and brighten up the entire complexion.

  • Prevents Glycation Due to the imbalances of certain glucose-based chemicals and the elastin proteins, the skin cell layer's stiffness gets altered, resulting in early aging. Antioxidants prevent glycation and thus contribute to delay in aging.

  • Reducing Oxidative Stress Free radicals tend to increase oxidative stress, which results in poor skin quality. Antioxidants lower the generation of such radicals or hamper their propagation, thus reducing the oxidative stress and giving way to clearer skin.


Regular moisturizing can drastically affect the tone of your skin. By significantly reducing the dark blemishes and correcting the extreme skin conditions of drying and oiling, moisturizers can improve the skin's quality. This is an integral part of our skincare since its consistent application prevents any possible skin related issues.

Sunscreen Application

The UV rays of the sun have proven records of disrupting the exposed skins of people. They act as a constraint to the glowing skin types and come in the way of skin cell regeneration. Adequate application of sunscreens can help us save the skin textures from the potential risks. Prevention is always worth an ounce of repair. Focusing on prevention rather than fixing the issue later when it comes to sun damages always leads the way forward.

A good regime is often an amalgamation of these tips. By imbibing all of them into the skincare routines, you would be able to create, follow and yield results from an excellent regime.

Every anti-aging strategy should look to increase the integrity of the epidermal-dermal junction.

The interface between the layers of the epidermis and the dermis forms this junction. It plays a vital function of acting as a barrier for the specific cells to get inter-mixed. All anti-aging strategies must strive to increase this junction's integrity since the tight containment prevents the skin from becoming loose and indicates aging.

All people are different, and so are their skin types. Devising a complete and result-oriented regime for your skin helps deal with early aging and enables you to come out looking younger.

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